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4 Reasons Bumper Sticker Advertising Still Works


Drive down just about any road in America and you are sure to see a number of vehicles sporting some kind of bumper sticker. Bumper stickers continue to provide an opportunity for people to prominently express a political idea, support a cause, or just have some fun. However, bumper stickers also provide a valuable advertising opportunity for businesses, organizations and political campaigns.

Below are 4 reasons why custom bumper stickers are still a highly effective method for advertising:

1. Driving More Business

To consider how bumper stickers can be effective in promoting your business, let’s look at the case study from the Marketing Resource Blog.

In 1971, radio disc jockey John Bagwell got his first job as a DJ for KRIG Radio in Odessa, Texas. After a short time of working the 6PM – midnight shift at $425 a month, John was offered the midnight – 6AM shift, PLUS 100% of all the advertising he sold.

This time slot was far from “peak,” but he still had a captive audience of listeners that included nurses, office workers, oil field hands, and truck drivers. John just needed an effective and inexpensive way to market his program to them. This is when he hit on the idea of a bumper sticker decal. Using his own money, John had 200 bumper stickers printed up in bright red that asked, “Who’s John Bagwell?” He made his custom bumper stickers available for free at his sponsors’ locations.

He was able to give out all his bumper stickers in just two weeks and soon they were showing up on vehicles all over town. The bumper stickers created a buzz around town and immediately he had businesses that wanted to advertise, just to get the bumper stickers. Before long, he was billing $1,000/month making him the highest paid jock at the station.

The bumper stickers could be seen on vehicles all over Texas for a number of years after the small promotion. According to Bagwell, people still recall the bumper sticker 40 years later. 

Source: Marketing Resource Blog: Case Study: The Power of Bumper Stickers, John Bagwell, January 1, 2016

You may not sell advertising, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a creative way to leverage the power of bumper sticker messaging to drive more business. Consider leveraging your loyal customers who would be proud to show off your business.


2. Creating Brand Awareness

Bumper stickers offer an opportunity for your brand stand out. A creative message that relates to your audience and pulls on their emotions can easily become a viral sensation. Besides, when you’re stuck in traffic, you don’t have much to look at besides the back of the car in front of you. This makes customized bumper stickers valuable enhancements to any marketing campaign.


3. Durability

Custom bumper stickers are made of white vinyl material making them weather-resistant and durable. At A.G.E. Graphics, we print full color bumper stickers at the highest quality so they will last for years to come. 


4. Cost-Effective

You can order small or large quantities of your custom labels and stickers at affordable prices. Our unique operation allows us to print multiple images, special shapes and short quantities without the expense normally involved with setting up an image to print. Since we use different types of printing, we can offer the best value based on your particular needs and quantities.


If you have questions or are interested in ordering custom bumper stickers or labels, call the professionals at A.G.E GraphicsClick here to get started or call us at (877) 973-3225 today.