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Defy The Wind!

(The 2 Stake Trick)

Two stake yard sign trick - A.G.E. Graphics

Wind is always a factor to anyone placing signs in open areas. Simply because of the nature of the product, minimizing cost is normally done with the stake. However, the best sign layout is not going to work laying on the ground. One popular option is simply to attach your sign to a wooden post or fence. This is not always possible or even a reasonable option.

Heavier stakes are not only expensive but are also more prone to being taken simply because someone else wants the stake for their yard sale sign next weekend or some other reason. Also, a heavier stake is not necessarily designed for wind. Our HD Goal Post stake for example is designed for hard ground or multiple use. It in fact is probably less effective in the wind for several reasons.

In an effort to make as effective a stake as possible and after months of testing in real situations, we found that using 2 regular stakes would offer the best resistance to the wind and protect the sign from being damaged by bending. As the above picture shows, simply insert the first stake as normal, then insert 1 prong of the second stake between the first stake prongs. Swing out the second stake and bend over the extra wire for safety. Holding the sign in 1 hand and the extra stake in the other, work the set into the ground. Be sure the wires are fully inserted into the sign and into the ground. You now have placed a sign that is held by a "tripod" and has 3 wires into the sign itself. This will hold for winds in the 20 - 40 MPH range in most types of soil. Obviously many factors are involved and this will not save every sign but it will greatly improve the longevity of many of your signs and keep your information out and displayed while others may be bent over or even gone.

Size Does Matter!

Size definitely matters if you want your signs to be effective. You can get away with a small sign, say 12" x 18" if you only need to say for example ROOFING / 888-555-1212. The letters would be 3" - 4" Tall and could be read from 100 - 200 feet easily. If you need to display more detail, then obviously a larger format is needed. You can have smaller text if you have a key word or HEADLINE to grab attention as a large focal point. Then you can add smaller text to list other services or offerings.

If you are in a residential area your signs may be smaller than in a rural area where you may not be able to get as close to a highway.

Another trick on highways would be to put multiple signs up about 50 - 100 yards apart in 2 - 4 sign sets. That way passer-bys can get all the information they need even traveling at highway speeds.  


General Contractor Yard Signs - A.G.E. Graphics

Yard signs are definitely a different venue to advertise in more ways than one. People normally don't have time to read a bunch of information like they would on a large billboard or a newspaper ad, both of which are a much more expensive venue.

An example would be a contractor type sign. It is not necessary to list everything you may do like roof repair, windows, siding kitchens and baths. All this information simply clutters the sign making the lettering small and hard to read. "Professional Home Repair" would pretty well cover it all. You are trying to get clients to call. You can always say you do not do the particular task, but at least they called because of the sign.

Some of the most effective signs are simple with 2 - 3 lines and 4 - 8 words or less.

Examples might be:
ROOFING Free Estimates 888-555-1212
HANDYMAN - 888-555-1212

HIGH SPEED INTERNET - 888-555-1212