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5 Tips for Better Political Campaign Signs

As election season rolls around, it’s not too late to get more attention for your campaign. One of the best and cheapest ways to boost your advertising quickly is through yard signs. Designing a political yard sign seems easy. There are only two pieces of information you need to communicate: candidate name and office sought. However, there are a few other key pieces of information you should keep in mind to help your signs stand out.


  • Size of your campaign lawn signs: Size matters. The bigger your yard signs, the easier it will be to read as people drive by. You don’t want to go smaller than the standard 18 in. x 24 in. size. However, a larger sign will stand out over the standard yard sign size. A.G.E. Graphics offers all standard yard sign sizes and stakes as the cheapest prices you can find. We can also print all of your large format campaign signs. Click here to get a free quote for your campaign signs today.
  • Campaign sign colors: When it comes to political yard signs, the bolder the color combinations, the better chances of voters noticing them. The most eye-catching signs feature strong color combinations. For the most impact, use borders and select at least two contrasting colors (other than white). Make sure your lawn signs don’t blend into the grass or the homes in the neighborhood. 
  • Copy on your campaign lawn sign: Keep it short! Really short. The candidate’s name and office sought are the only pieces of information necessary. Any words other than this will simply just distract from these key pieces of information. Keep in mind that most people will be driving by your signs, so they won’t typically recall your website and/or phone number. If you’re fortunate to have a unique last name, you may want to consider only using your last name on your campaign yard signs, as this is what people will remember.
  • Font on campaign lawn signs: Like the size of your signs, size matters here too. Don’t use a fancy font that is hard to read from a distance. You want your audience to be able to clearly read the candidate name and the office sought. The name is most important so make sure this takes up a majority of the space on your campaign sign. If you have a long name, it’s ok to use a condensed style font as long as it’s still legible.
  • Campaign lawn sign material: Political yard signs can come in a variety of materials. Lawn signs are usually produced from corrugated plastic, paperboard, or plastic poly bag. The most durable and professional looking option is corrugated plastic. A.G.E. Graphics uses high-quality Econoplast® corrugated plastic so that our clients’ signs look great for a long time and can be used over and over again.
  • Bonus: Need some inspiration for your campaign yard signs? Check out our more than 40 political campaign yard sign templates here.

political campaign yard sign templates


Campaign yard signs are a cheap and effective way to advertise locally. However, keep in mind that your signs are a representation of you and your campaign. Besides being a waste of money, poorly designed and/or produced signs can actually have a negative effect on your campaign.

A.G.E. Graphics has been producing political yard signs for campaigns across the country for more than 20 years. We can quickly design and print lawn signs that will help give your campaign that last minute boost to help you win your election. Click here to get started or call us at (877) 973-3225 today.